rava appam recipe


Semolina/suji/rava appam are the perfect ingredients when you want to prepare a quick and instant snack. With the help of this many dishes are prepared like rava dosa, rava uttapam, rava dhokla etc. It takes minimal preparation time. It is a very healthy option too.

The preparation tips

  1. Soak rava minimum for 15 minutes
  2. You can add grated vegetables of your choice.
  3. If you are preparing this for your little one, you can avoid green chilies otherwise, you can add to give a nice spicy taste.
  4. Make the skillet hot enough so that you can get a nice texture to the rava appam.
  5. Brush some oil to flip the rava appam easily.
  6. The batter has to be thinner than idli batter and thicker than dosa batter.
  7. To get a nice crunchy and crispy outer crust always cook the appam on low flame.



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