Bebinca | Goan Recipes | Indian Cuisine

  • Bebinca recipe 




  •  Bebinca recipe is a delicacy made throughout all festive events in Goa specifically at some stage in Christmas.
  •  It’s like a pudding which has 7 layers. It depends on what number of layers you want to make extra Or less.
  •  Make Bebinca this Christmas and make it more unique. What is Bebinca? It’s a multi-layered pudding made with flour, eggs, sugar, and coconut milk and nutmeg powder.
  •  You want to be affected the person to make this as this takes pretty numerous attempts but it’s really worth it. This stays for a longer time and may be stored for 2 weeks.
  •  In Goa, it’s made with a historical fashion of cooking but I have baked them in an oven.
  • If you need to share this recipe simply share the hyperlink rather than the entire recipe.

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