Rajasthan dil khushal(Besan ki chakki) recipe

Dil khushal, popularly referred to as besan ki chakki, is a traditional Indian candy made from gram flour. Learn the way to make/prepare Dil khushal by means of following this smooth recipe.

Dil khushal


•           2 cups Besan (Bengal gram flour)

•           1-half of cup Sugar

•           1 cup grated Khoya (mava)

•           1 cup Ghee

•           1 tsp Elaichi Powder (cardamom powder)

•           2 tbsp Milk

•           2 tbsp Almonds

•           2 tbsp Pistachios

How to make Dil khushal recipe:

•           Take the besan in a huge bowl.

•           Now take a kadhai and heat the last ghee.

•           Pour the besan blended with ghee into it.

•           Keep stirring till the whole combination turns golden brown.

•           Now upload the grated khoya and elaichi powder.



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