How to make uttar pradesh kakori kebab non veg recipe

Uttar Pradesh Kakori Kebab Recipe-masterchefu

However, Kakori conspiracy isn’t the handiest thing the area is famous for; it is popular for its soften-in-your-mouth kebabs.  Kakori kebabs are UP cuisine recognized for its rich aroma and gentle texture.

This juicy kebab is each meat lover’s dream and there’s a story in the back of this delicacy. It is said that there has been a king or Nawab of Kakori who was toothless however loved to consume meat. Being toothless made it hard for him to devour meat, so he requested his cooks to make a meat dish this is gentle.

His cooks came up with Kakori kebabs that are now enjoyed by using many. The meat is marinated for more than one hour before making ready to make it tender and smooth. So, right here is the recipe for Uttar Pradesh’s famous Kakori Kebab.


  • Two cups of minced lamb or mutton
  • Two tablespoons of uncooked papaya (chopped)
  • Two cups of sliced onions
  • One egg

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  1. Take the sliced onion and fry it in ghee until it’s far crisp and brown.
  2. Once done, placed it in a massive bowl.
  3. Now, upload in all of the components within the bowl beside ghee, egg and the roasted gram flour. Let it marinate for around 4 hours.
  4. Then put this aggregate in a grinder and grind it to form a smooth paste.

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