Indian chutney chilli toast food recipe

chutney chilly toast.jpg

Chutney Chilli Toast Recipe:

I like this Chutney cheese toast as it’s far spicy, fragrant and cheesy. The clean inexperienced chutney made with garlic, coriander, green chili and lemon juice gives very great kick and flavors to this toast.

You also can upload a few ginger and mint at the side of different elements to make even more flavorful chutney for a strong aromatic toast.

This toast can without difficulty be transformed in sandwich. Brush little butter on the edges and grill it on pan or in a sandwich toaster.

You could make those chutney cheese toasts for a quick breakfast, snack or as a celebration appetizer. I even have used complete wheat brown bread to make this chutney cheese toast however you may also use white or multi grain bread.

This chutney cheese toast is made in oven, in case you do not have oven you could also use pan or tava.

For this after lightly toasting bread on tava or pan upload all of the topping and placed it once more on pan on very low warmth.

Cover the pan and let the toast cook till cheese melts and toast turns into crispy. Make sure bread does no longer get burn from down.

To Be Continued >>> Chutney Chilly Toast


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