crispy potato topped with peanut curd chutney

Crispy Potato Topped with Peanut Curd Chutney: You can dish up the Crispy Potato Topped with Peanut Curd Chutney as an appetizer, or join it with other food and drink like Kand Aloo Pakoda and Faraali Pattice, to make a snack dish. To get the chutney proper, make sure you grind it most effective coarsely and now… Continue reading crispy potato topped with peanut curd chutney


how to make goan fish hooman recipes

Goan Fish Hooman Recipe: Here I give you a recipe of hooman or Goan fish curry which is called fish hooman in our Goan cuisine. Fish Hooman Ingredients 1 medium-sized Macrel 10 gm garlic 10 gm ginger 1 cup coconut 10 gm chili powder 1/2 tbsp coriander seed 2 cup onion chopped To be continued>>> Goan Fish Hooman Recipe Fish Hooman Method… Continue reading how to make goan fish hooman recipes

bengali bhetki macher paturi recipe

Bhetki Macher Paturi Recipe: This Bhetki Macher Paturi Recipe has its beginning in Dhaka however now has emerged as one of the preferred dishes of Bengali cuisine. This authentic Indian food recipe truly merits an area in your prepare dinner book. Surprise your family and friends with this finger licking dinner recipe. Bhetki Macher Paturi Recipe Ingredients: 18 portions of… Continue reading bengali bhetki macher paturi recipe

hyderabad mutton shikampuri kebab recipe

Hyderabad Mutton Shikampuri Kebab Recipe is a wonderful appetizer cum side dishes that enhance your dinner revel in and makes you crave for greater. Shikampuri Kebab may be made with meat, hen or even with vegetables. But the most important approach that makes Shikampuri extraordinary from Shami Kebab lies in its stuffing. Shikampuri kebab is stuffed with… Continue reading hyderabad mutton shikampuri kebab recipe

how to make godhumai appam recipe

    Godhumai Appam | Wheat Flour Appam | Sweet Recipe It is an instant appam recipe, that too with wheat flour. If you have a paniyaram/appe pan then it's double damaka. And also it is sweetened with jaggery. What more does one need for a healthy sweet indulgence right? 🙂 You can whip up… Continue reading how to make godhumai appam recipe

rajasthani macchhili jaismandi recipe

    Macchhili Jaismandi  Macchhili Jaismandi is a very popular non-vegetarian food among the people of Rajasthan. This is a lip-smacking dish and very easy to cook. As the name suggests, this popular Rajasthan fish recipe is a desired dish among the local people. It’s quite easy to prepare and packed with flavors and cream. Enjoy this yummy… Continue reading rajasthani macchhili jaismandi recipe

punjabi chana masala veg recipe

Chana Masala Veg Recipe: Now coming to the recipe, eventually! This is one of the most requested recipes. I've been in search of an awesome recipe of Chana masala veg recipe for a long term. Came throughout a few however it referred to as for spices which I don’t use on a normal foundation. Chana Masala Ingredients: 1 1/4… Continue reading punjabi chana masala veg recipe

keema dum biriyani recipe | non veg recipes | UP cuisine

Keema Dum Biriyani Recipe     Generally, biriyani is a completely keen on dishes by many, especially most hard center non-vegetarian eaters. People who're just starting to eat biriyani may want to attempt making this as it’s a smooth to put together a dish and now not very complex cooking technique. Ingredients used in Kheema Dum Biriyani… Continue reading keema dum biriyani recipe | non veg recipes | UP cuisine

kashmir haak saag veg recipe

Haak Veg Recipe Today I am sharing an extremely particular Kashmiri green dish with you all, named Haak Veg Recipe (Saag). Kashmiri cuisine saag is very simple make here Ingredients: 3 to 4 cups – water 1 tsp – salt 8 - Hole Red Chilies /green chilies 1 tsp - asafetida (hing) 1 tbsp – oil 2 tbsp -… Continue reading kashmir haak saag veg recipe