latest andhra style gutti vankaya kura recipe

Andhra Gutti vankaya Kura Recipe Gutti vankaya Kura is essentially a dish from Andhra Cuisine. The larger the size of brinjals, you can find out a lot of seeds into it and desires to be cooked for a prolonged time. The curry may be cooked with both green and red brinjals. This is a very Indian Vegetarian Food… Continue reading latest andhra style gutti vankaya kura recipe


how to make bharwan tinda veg recipe

Bharwan Tinda Veg Recipe Bharwan Tinda or Stuffed Tinda recipe with little by little following instructions. This is a Punjabi recipe of thinda or apple gourds in an onion-tomato based gravy. An own family veg recipes and one this is short sufficient to prepare. This bharwan Tinda gravy has a home style taste. Bharwan Tinda Ingredients: Half of Kg Round Gourd (Tinda) 1 tbsp Oil… Continue reading how to make bharwan tinda veg recipe

punjabi kalakand sweet recipe

Kalakand Sweet Recipe: Punjabi Kalakand sweet recipe is the thicker model of kova. But here we have used ricotta cheese for first-class outcomes. We also can use paneer; however that doesn't provide the right texture. This candy is quick to prepare, with less components. The unique Indian food recipe has used full fat milk powder, which I have replaced… Continue reading punjabi kalakand sweet recipe

kerala fish curry recipe

Kerala Fish Curry Recipe: The purple-colored Kerala rice that's completely earthy flavored and full of fiber, fish curry, and a vegetable. The Kerala cuisine is renowned for its seafood delicacies and in case you go to a Christian domestic in Kerala, there's continually a Pot of fish curry simmering away giving out the scrumptious aroma that wafts through the rooms.… Continue reading kerala fish curry recipe

khatta meetha kaddu veg recipes

Khatta Kaddu Recipe Khatta Kaddu Recipe approach Pumpkin and this is a dry curry with pumpkin. Daily meals in Himachal Pradesh may be very much like many components of India and is ruled with dals, rice, roti, and subzi. The spices are used notably in this cuisine and add plenty of taste and taste to the dish. This is a brief… Continue reading khatta meetha kaddu veg recipes

bengali bhetki macher paturi recipe

Bhetki Macher Paturi Recipe: This Bhetki Macher Paturi Recipe has its beginning in Dhaka however now has emerged as one of the preferred dishes of Bengali cuisine. This authentic Indian food recipe truly merits an area in your prepare dinner book. Surprise your family and friends with this finger licking dinner recipe. Bhetki Macher Paturi Recipe Ingredients: 18 portions of… Continue reading bengali bhetki macher paturi recipe

kashmir haak saag veg recipe

Haak Veg Recipe Today I am sharing an extremely particular Kashmiri green dish with you all, named Haak Veg Recipe (Saag). Kashmiri cuisine saag is very simple make here Ingredients: 3 to 4 cups – water 1 tsp – salt 8 - Hole Red Chilies /green chilies 1 tsp - asafetida (hing) 1 tbsp – oil 2 tbsp -… Continue reading kashmir haak saag veg recipe

himachali siddu veg recipes

Siddu Veg Recipes: Today, we are going to talk about the recipe of one of the most well-known dishes of Himachal Pradesh Siddu Veg Recipes. Siddu Veg Recipe is Indian yummy food and is normally cooked in Himachali cuisine and I love Siddu Veg Recipe almost each Himachali loves this tasty dish. Siddu Ingredients:- Wheat flour: - One kg Water: -… Continue reading himachali siddu veg recipes

how to make chicken cafreal recipe

chicken cafreal recipe: However you use cafreal pase, in whatever chicken recipe, the final results are constantly awesome. If you want this recipe, then honestly you would additionally like my other Goan Recipes. chicken cafreal recipe Ingredients: 750 Gms chook 2.5 cups coriander leaves, loosely packed 6-8 inexperienced chilies, kind of chopped 2-inch ginger, kind of chopped 15 garlic… Continue reading how to make chicken cafreal recipe