khatta meetha kaddu veg recipes

Khatta Kaddu Recipe Khatta Kaddu Recipe approach Pumpkin and this is a dry curry with pumpkin. Daily meals in Himachal Pradesh may be very much like many components of India and is ruled with dals, rice, roti, and subzi. The spices are used notably in this cuisine and add plenty of taste and taste to the dish. This is a brief… Continue reading khatta meetha kaddu veg recipes


himachali siddu veg recipes

Siddu Veg Recipes: Today, we are going to talk about the recipe of one of the most well-known dishes of Himachal Pradesh Siddu Veg Recipes. Siddu Veg Recipe is Indian yummy food and is normally cooked in Himachali cuisine and I love Siddu Veg Recipe almost each Himachali loves this tasty dish. Siddu Ingredients:- Wheat flour: - One kg Water: -… Continue reading himachali siddu veg recipes

how to make indian channa madra food recipe

Indian Channa Madra Food Recipe: Indian Channa Madra Recipe is a Himachali cuisine. The most essential step in making Madra is when you add the yogurt.  You ought to make certain which you stir continuously and do now not allow the yogurt to curdle.  This is a truly critical step otherwise you could have dreadful gravy for your hands.  If the yogurt… Continue reading how to make indian channa madra food recipe