how to make godhumai appam recipe

    Godhumai Appam | Wheat Flour Appam | Sweet Recipe It is an instant appam recipe, that too with wheat flour. If you have a paniyaram/appe pan then it's double damaka. And also it is sweetened with jaggery. What more does one need for a healthy sweet indulgence right? ūüôā You can whip up… Continue reading how to make godhumai appam recipe


how to make chicken 65 recipe

Tamil Nadu Chicken 65 Non Veg Recipes: The color and taste of a restaurant-made¬†chicken 65¬†is barely exceptional from the only we prepare at¬†Masterchefu, possibly in particular due to the fact that they put masses of ajno motto and crimson meals coloring to make it appearance attractive. I am no longer sure of some other components… Continue reading how to make chicken 65 recipe

how to make paneer tikka veg recipes

Paneer Tikka Veg Recipes: Paneer Tikka Veg Recipes¬†is a typical¬†Punjabi cuisine¬†which tastes yummy as Paneer, capsicum and onions are marinated in yoghurt primarily based marinade. Try and let us understand how it truly came out! Paneer Tikka¬†Ingredients: Paneer ‚Äď half of kg Tomato ‚Äď 1 Onion -1 Capsicum ‚Äď 1 Marinade for¬†paneer tikka Veg Recipes:… Continue reading how to make paneer tikka veg recipes

uttar pradesh pasanday non veg recipe

Beef Pasanday Recipe: BeefPasanday Recipe is made with a prime reduce of pork or mutton. It is a non-veg recipe originated from UP cuisine and is distinctly regarded for its highly spiced and aromatic taste. It is the principal direction meal prepared on unique activities like on weddings, Eid galas, and for family dinners.

matschgand recipe | kashmir cuisine | mutton | non veg recipes

Matschgand Recipe is a dish of milled meatballs curved in spicy red gravy!  If anybody yet plans a trip to the place: Here a few of the well-known Kashmiri cuisine   Indian cuisine   Veg Recipes   Non-Veg Recipes 

how do we make mangalore buns | banana poori recipe

Mangalore Buns Recipe | Banana Poori Recipe | Karnataka Cuisine: Mangalore Buns Recipe¬†/ Banana Poori Recipe-It is a sweet, fabulously winded poori a unique Snack recipe in the state of¬†Karnataka cuisine. When you are not familiar with¬†Mangalore buns¬†it is able to be puzzling and misleading, it‚Äôs not like baked mushroom buns but is leavened with… Continue reading how do we make mangalore buns | banana poori recipe

bajra aloo roti recipe | haryana cuisine | veg recipes | masterchefu

Bajra Aloo Roti Recipe: Bajra Aloo RotiRecipe is such a breakfast food veg recipe which is yummy and fit at the same time. Click on the link to learn how to prepare the best Bajra Aloo Roti Recipe in Haryana Cuisine Style.

gujarati undhiyu recipe | Indian cuisine | veg recipes

Undhiyu Recipe for Gujarati cuisine Style: I was watching a food preparation show on TV. They were showing Undhiyu Recipe and I wanted to try it without delay. Check out my post on Guajarati undhiyu recipe If you are interested in enjoying Gujarati Undhiyu Recipe 

how to prepare bengali patishapta pitha recipe

Bengali Patishapta Recipe Patishapta/Pitha recipe¬†is a delicious and super tasty¬†dessert¬†recipe¬†and everyone at your home will like this for sure, particularly kids. This trendy¬†Bengali¬†cuisine¬†is usually ready during the winters and is extremely enjoyed with hot tea. Ingredients Refined flour (maida) -1 cup Sooji/semolina -¬Ĺ cup Rice flour -¬ľ cup Sugar -1 cup Milk -1 cup Water… Continue reading how to prepare bengali patishapta pitha recipe

bommidayila pulusu recipe | andhra fish curry | non veg recipes

Bommidayila Pulusu recipe Bommidayila pulusu¬†or¬†Fish curry¬†is a well-known¬†Andhra Cuisine¬†Recipe. It‚Äôs favorite of sea food enthusiasts. This fish might be available throughout the early days of wet season. It is also referred to as Channa Marulius fish stew. Andhra style¬†Bommidala pulusu¬†made with fish referred to as Bommidailu. Learn a way to make south Indian¬†BommidayalaPulusu recipe¬†at domestic… Continue reading bommidayila pulusu recipe | andhra fish curry | non veg recipes