coorg pandi curry recipe

How to Make Pandi Curry Recipe: Pandi Curry Recipe or beef curry is a usual dish in Coorg cuisine. This dish is especially cooked with freshly floor masala and uses a wonderful bitter aspect called “kachumpuli”, an extract of a fruit grown locally. This offers a unique taste and coloration to this dish. Pandi curry recipe is popularly observed… Continue reading coorg pandi curry recipe

neer dosa recipe for karnataka cuisine

How is neer dosa made? Preparation of Neer Dosa: Wash and soak rice for 2 to 4 hours or maybe overnight is better. ... Now drain all the water and grind the rice alongside grated coconut and salt into the very smooth paste including water step by step. Transfer the batter right into a vessel.… Continue reading neer dosa recipe for karnataka cuisine

korri gassi-karnataka cuisine

A wonderful korri gassi chicken curry with the aroma Karnataka and flavors of coconut, coconut milk, and tamarind. Ingredients For the Spices: coconut oil (1 tsp, you can use vegetable oil) coriander powder (3 tsp ) fenugreek seeds (1 pinch) fennel seeds (1/2 tsp ) peppercorn (8 pieces) mustard seeds(1 tsp ) Read More>>> Korri… Continue reading korri gassi-karnataka cuisine