kerala fish curry recipe

Kerala Fish Curry Recipe: The purple-colored Kerala rice that's completely earthy flavored and full of fiber, fish curry, and a vegetable. The Kerala cuisine is renowned for its seafood delicacies and in case you go to a Christian domestic in Kerala, there's continually a Pot of fish curry simmering away giving out the scrumptious aroma that wafts through the rooms.… Continue reading kerala fish curry recipe


how to make kerala cheera thoran / spinach recipe

Cheera Thoran / Spinach Recipe: I am reading all your blogs however I don’t get enough time to remark or post recipes. For next one month I can be tied up with my studies, by overdue July I may be returned with the complete strength to blogging. I guess there are masses of occasions occurring… Continue reading how to make kerala cheera thoran / spinach recipe

best kerala food recipe | Non veg Recipe | Prawn Fry

Chemmeen pollichathu prawn fry is a delicacy of Kerala seafood. It is a reliable side dish of   God Own Country's seafood items. Here, prawns are marinated in spices which include chili powder; turmeric powder and lime juice and so on and cooked in an array of masalas, herbs and coconut milk. Ingredients: Prawns - 500 g… Continue reading best kerala food recipe | Non veg Recipe | Prawn Fry

Indian cuisine-Gooseberry pickle

Here are the bottles of goodness for you from the taste of Kerala. Spicy, salty and sour; this gooseberry pickle is bound to keep you craving for more. Ingredient ·         Gooseberry (2cups) ·         Oil (3tsp) ·         Chili powder (3tsp) ·         Coriander powder (3tsp) Read More>>> Gooseberry pickle Process ·         Boil the gooseberries in a pan of water. ·        … Continue reading Indian cuisine-Gooseberry pickle