How to make paneer lifafa paratha veg recipes

Paneer Lifafa Paratha: Lifafa parathas are shaped fantastically as envelopes, which keep sumptuous fillings interior them. Make certain you cook the Cauliflower and Paneer Lifafa Paratha on a sluggish flame in order that the insides get well cooked. Ingredients: For The Parathas 1 half of cups simple flour Maida 1/2 cup Milk 1 tbsp melted ghee Salt to… Continue reading How to make paneer lifafa paratha veg recipes


How to make punjabi urad dal pinni recipe

Punjabi dal pinni recipe can be ready with various styles. We have previously ready pinni with flax seeds, wheat flour and dry fruits. Today we are making delicious urad dal pinni recipe and mawa. Ingredients:- Urad dal – ¾ cup (one hundred fifty grams) Sugar – 1.Five cup (300 grams) Mawa – ¾ cup (a hundred and fifty grams)… Continue reading How to make punjabi urad dal pinni recipe

punjabi kalakand sweet recipe

Kalakand Sweet Recipe: Punjabi Kalakand sweet recipe is the thicker model of kova. But here we have used ricotta cheese for first-class outcomes. We also can use paneer; however that doesn't provide the right texture. This candy is quick to prepare, with less components. The unique Indian food recipe has used full fat milk powder, which I have replaced… Continue reading punjabi kalakand sweet recipe

baingan ka bhurth veg recipes

Baingan ka Bhurth Recipe: Baingan ka Bhurth Recipe is a famous Punjabi dish that pairs fantastically with simple rotis /parathas. Baingan ka Bhurth comes to be my least preferred dish growing up. It becomes infrequently made at domestic.  Baingan ka Bhurth Recipe Ingredients: Onions- 2 Medium (finely chopped) Ginger- 1 Inch Piece Garlic- 4 Cloves Green Chillies-2 (chopped) Tomatoes- 2 Medium (finely chopped) Green Peas-… Continue reading baingan ka bhurth veg recipes

punjabi chana masala veg recipe

Chana Masala Veg Recipe: Now coming to the recipe, eventually! This is one of the most requested recipes. I've been in search of an awesome recipe of Chana masala veg recipe for a long term. Came throughout a few however it referred to as for spices which I don’t use on a normal foundation. Chana Masala Ingredients: 1 1/4… Continue reading punjabi chana masala veg recipe

how to make paneer tikka veg recipes

Paneer Tikka Veg Recipes: Paneer Tikka Veg Recipes is a typical Punjabi cuisine which tastes yummy as Paneer, capsicum and onions are marinated in yoghurt primarily based marinade. Try and let us understand how it truly came out! Paneer Tikka Ingredients: Paneer – half of kg Tomato – 1 Onion -1 Capsicum – 1 Marinade for paneer tikka Veg Recipes:… Continue reading how to make paneer tikka veg recipes

punjabi malaiwala murgh chicken recipe

How to make Murgh Malaiwala Chicken Recipe: Murgh Malaiwala Chicken Recipe is a delegate Punjabi Chicken recipe which seems white and glossy. Since no colored spice is brought. Try and allow us to understand how a lot did you want it. Read More>>>  

how to make punjabi dal makhani recipe

Dal Makhani is one of the top dal recipes of India. Dal Makhani is a gracefulness that they without help can make to precision. Ingredients •        3/four cup entire urad (complete black lentil) •        2 tbsp rajma (kidney beans) •        salt to taste •        3 tbsp butter Method 1.       Clean, wash and soak the entire urad… Continue reading how to make punjabi dal makhani recipe

Punjabi Tandoori chicken recipes

Tandoori Chicken Today weekend prepares Tandoori chicken recipe with step-wise pictures. Ingredients: •        Chicken (with bone) - 500 gm. •        Hung curd- 4 to six tbsp. •        Butter- 1 tbsp. •        Coriander powder- 1/2 tbsp. •        Kashmiri Chili powder- 2 tbsp. •… Continue reading Punjabi Tandoori chicken recipes