how to make kashmiri dum aloo veg recipe

DUM ALOO KASHMIRI CUISINE: I am going to provide the Veg recipe of maximum well-known Kashmiri dish "Dum Aloo". This dish plays an important function in Kashmiri marriages. The name derives from, aloo or potatoes are cooked as a whole within the sauce and saved in Dum. Though I become browsing via numerous recipes, Kitchen Indian food recipe was pretty outstanding.… Continue reading how to make kashmiri dum aloo veg recipe

coorg pandi curry recipe

How to Make Pandi Curry Recipe: Pandi Curry Recipe or beef curry is a usual dish in Coorg cuisine. This dish is especially cooked with freshly floor masala and uses a wonderful bitter aspect called “kachumpuli”, an extract of a fruit grown locally. This offers a unique taste and coloration to this dish. Pandi curry recipe is popularly observed… Continue reading coorg pandi curry recipe