gujarati undhiyu recipe | Indian cuisine | veg recipes

Undhiyu Recipe for Gujarati cuisine Style: I was watching a food preparation show on TV. They were showing Undhiyu Recipe and I wanted to try it without delay. Check out my post on Guajarati undhiyu recipe If you are interested in enjoying Gujarati Undhiyu Recipe 

how to make kashmiri dum aloo veg recipe

DUM ALOO KASHMIRI CUISINE: I am going to provide the Veg recipe of maximum well-known Kashmiri dish "Dum Aloo". This dish plays an important function in Kashmiri marriages. The name derives from, aloo or potatoes are cooked as a whole within the sauce and saved in Dum. Though I become browsing via numerous recipes, Kitchen Indian food recipe was pretty outstanding.… Continue reading how to make kashmiri dum aloo veg recipe

how to make indian channa madra food recipe

Indian Channa Madra Food Recipe: Indian Channa Madra Recipe is a Himachali cuisine. The most essential step in making Madra is when you add the yogurt.  You ought to make certain which you stir continuously and do now not allow the yogurt to curdle.  This is a truly critical step otherwise you could have dreadful gravy for your hands.  If the yogurt… Continue reading how to make indian channa madra food recipe

how much delicious handvo veg recipe with gujarati style

How to make Gujarati Handvo veg recipe Handvo Veg Recipe: Gujarati Handvo Recipe is essentially a highly spiced cake and it is one of my desired dishes. Usually, Handvo is prepared from rice and daals. Handvo Recipe is an all time desired snack — perfect for tea time, brunch, anytime! Continue Reading >>>>